Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Low carb Story

one year passed by since we started with low carb
We both were at a point were we haven't been happy with our weight.
May I mention before we lived in a flat share, all of them were boys and I joined that living.
It was quiet funny and relaxing, no big bitch fight etc..but i was used to cook every day... but I loved the new simple way of "fast-food-cooking"  in my new life in munich :).
My weight increased a lot and fast! I'm not a sport junkie so I searched for varieties to get in shape :)
Finally I found Atkins and read a lot about it. I was amazed and wanted to start immeadiately.

You got 4 phases.

I'll give you an short overview

Phase 1 brings your body to 0, also called ketose. It's hard to abdicate carbs (Rice, Potatoes, Flour...)
It feels like driving your car against a wall... a big outch!
You are allowed to eat a lot but you need to know what.. It was kinda hard to learn how many carbs every ingredient has... because in phase 1 your limit is 12- 15 carbs a day.

This is just a recommendation:

Breakfast (which I don't do)
egg & bacon and Tea, coffee, water

Chicken Salad

Steak with salad

We hadn't yet the chance to reach phase 3 because 8 weeks after starting, we went to Las Vegas for 2 weeks and it was kinda hard to abdicate the carbs... It wasn't possible for us to eat low carb so we decided to start after Vegas...yahhh.. then came Christmas.. and our Parents had no sympathies for low carb... nhaa.. so new year! We started from 0, it felt like 1000 times! But now we're on track and phase 2 is now on a high level. Phase 2 can go from 2 weeks up to 10 weeks or more. I'll write an extra Post about the Phases in detail.. and my impression. Phase 2 is now a forming phase, this phase will shape you and the carbs get an upgrade from 12-20, you'll ajust 5 carbs more every week. If you weight gains you'll need 2 downgrade untill you got you "goal-weight". So here's a small Photo collection from last year until now, hope you can see a little difference. :)

cheers Chris
Juli 2012 (before Low carb)

Christmas 2012
April 2013