Monday, April 22, 2013

How to bake in a right way!

  • Yay!  I love baking!
  • I followed my rules and took this time patience. Cupcakes aren't muffins. They just got a mini bulb. Some people like it flatten. But i prefer the bulb :) So here are my tips for...
  • "It all about the Oven"
No matter how well you measured your batter it can all go to waste if you don't follow some "important" baking rules.

1 Check your temperature. You need to know your oven! Do you know hot and cold spots? I think i got a real hot spot in the right side in the back, sometimes i need to turn the pan around.

2 Do not disturb! Really really let them bake for 15 minutes. It is important to let them develop some structural integrity. 
After 15 minutes you might want to shift the position of the pans in order to move cupcakes in and out of hot spots. 

I always start testing cupcakes 2 minutes before the end of the recommended bake time. I always use a toothpick. If the end is just a bit wet give it 2 more min. We don't want to over bake.. unless they get to dry. 

3 Bake cupcakes until the tester comes out clean, which means no crumbs. If you take them out prematurely, they are very like to fall or at least sink slightly.

4 My cupcakes are sinking!
I told you ;) There's a good chance that you didn't bake the cupcakes right. Could it be that you used melted butter???  It might be that the ingredients were not mixed very well.

5 My cupcakes are overflowing
That could happen if your oven temperature is too low or you overfill you pan 2/3 is quiet enough. 
So i hope you liked my post.

Until next time! Cheers Chris