Friday, April 5, 2013

Project Cupboard

Weehee we're done!
What a great holiday! 2 weeks of building, designing and waiting :)
Now it is done and I'm happy! So happy We went to "lower Bavaria" where Tobis Father has a great workshop. We cut, painted and measured - but it was cold and windy ...uh yes that was really really cold! At some cold point I decided to go insinde and bake something :) mhhh how about a Quiche? The boys would be glad.

I really planned our cupboard for months. I was stakling through the interenet if there's a manual :) but good to know to have tobies dad... he helped a lot! I always wanted a white living room. Playing with 3 colors. Beige, black and white. A white cupboard, a black table and beige/white curtains.
I think we're done for now :) Happy Weekend!

Cheers Chris