Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I love Pictures "Models in a pure way" #2

Besides Portrait i love to photograph storylines. You might know I'm a graphic designer and I had to draw a lot of storyboards for clients.. ealier. So now i thought why should't i do that with my photoshoots? Pictures shouldn't be a only nice, my intention wants to tell a story.
May I present you Ellie? She's a real beauty! When I asked her what kind of pictures she wants, she said beautiful ones. It's like ordering a Pizza... what should be on top?
I always ask my models a lot of questions, to characterize and try to create my own story an pictures.
Here's a tip how a bout shooting the models in clothes which they don't own or which they don't wear but still hangs in the closet??? You got a new look! But don't forget they need to feel comfortable!
I really love to photograph people besides food blogging.. but it get's warmer in Germany and people are ready now for new Photos :) So here's my storyline Pump meets vintage! Enjoy.
If you have any question you are welcome to write me an email or write a comment below the post.
Until next time.

Cheers Chris