Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bavarian Food Tour part 2 Minikrapfen

Mini Krapfen are the best! I got inspired by researching for my Bavarian Food tour. It's a typical pastry in Bavaria although in Berlin, and near Stuttgart :) i think they're spreaded all over Germany- but their named different. In Stuttgart we say Berliner, in Munich we say Krapfen, in Berlin we say Pfannkuchen which means Pancake??? dunno why? Many ways to say omnomnom jelly donut!

  • 250 gr  flour
  • 50gr     sugar
  • 1 pck    yeast
  • 2           eggs
  • 500gr    extra flour
  • warm    milk (2tbsp)
  • 1 l         oil


Add some warm milk to the yeast. Yeast is an active ingredient which starts to work if you put some milk/salt or sugar into.

Sift your flour into a bowl. Now fill eggs and melted butter into the flour mixture
 Stir until incorporated.
Add the sugar and the yeast milk mixture and mix by hand.

No use some extra flour to roll out the dough.

This dough should look like this left on the picture. Use a wet towel an cover your bowl and place it somewhere warm.
A nice trick! I place my smaller bowl into a bigger bowl which is filled with warm water and covered it with the wet towel. The dough should have doubled now! Once again... we use some extra flour to form it into a finial size.

Roll out until it got a thickness of 1-2 cm
use a circle form to cut out you donuts.

remove the rest and do it again or put it in the fridge. It could be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days. I won't keep it longer cause we're working with fresh ingredients like eggs!

Now fry your mini donuts. They should swim. I used 1 litre oil.
Fry until golden brown
Let them cool down and fill them with strawberry jelly and refine at the end with icing sugar!

Hope you'd enjoyed my tutorial.
Cheers Chris.