Monday, March 11, 2013

Bavarian Food Tour + video

I live now for 1 1/2 years in Munich and I started thinking of Bavarian desserts. 
I asked my boyfriend if he has a favorite Bavarian pastry especially as a kid -
He has a lot of those stories which i really love to listen to.

So here's his story about "Auszogne".
The bells fly to Rome- It's an cute old Bavarian tradition.
It's on Maundy Thursday (Easter). Kids walk with wooden rattles from House to house,
3 times a day (7am, noon, 6pm) to notify people what time it is- cause there aren't bells that are ringing :)
Kids get gifts as a thank you like sweets and some coins. 
My little Tobi was always happy when he got a "Auszogne".
He said it's so tasty when they're hot and the middle is just so crusty- just lovable!

Ok let me tell you something about "Auszogne" which means to extend or stretch the dough.
Bavarians call it the Bavarian donut ;) It's an typical yeast dough which needs to be fried and served with icing sugar - yummie!

When i prepared the dough I started thinking of giving that pastry (like always) a freestyle version XD.. like almonds, nuts or just chocolate -
but my boyfriend was very strict and said - we do "the traditional way".
So here we go friends!

250gr        flour
50gr          sugar
2 Tblsp     curt
1 pck         yeast (dried)              
2                Egg
500gr   extra flour
warm milk (2-5 Tblsp)

Sift the flour round about 150 gr you'll need the rest to form.
Put 2 tblsp warm milk into your yeast. Yeast is an active ingredient which works if you put some milk, sugar or salt in it. Melt your butter and stir. Now we need 2 eggs, the yeast and some sugar.
It seems like that we got lumbs - don't worry. If the dough is to dry use some extra warm milk.
I refined the dough with 2 tblsp curt. Curt makes the dough fluffy and gives you a creamy taste.
Now use the rest of the dough and start to form.
Now we're done for the first step. Place your bowl to a warm place and wait for 30 min up to 1 h.

Now we need some extra flour to form it again. You'll see your dough should have doubled.
Let's finalize the form. We'll make walnut sized balls and form.
The middle should be very thin so if it gets fried there's a bulge. 
After forming we need to fry the Auszogne until golden brown.
Last step refine your donut with some icing sugar and serve it.

Sounds yummie- it is!
Have a nice day! Cheers Chris.