Thursday, February 28, 2013

Whats your flavor?

Today is not a recipe day..
I just want to ask you..
what do you prefer... or better > what's your favorite savory recipe?? <
We're not talking about time or costs..
It's about a recipe which gives you a mouth watering experience.

When I was younger..something about 12 or 13- a few years ago. My mom arranged my birthday parties. I didn't realize ... how much work it was to prepare the food, drinks etc.

I think I was kinda spoiled.. and I'm really proud, that she was a hard mom who treated me in a "not-anymore-spoiled-way". Ok back to my story..
why I do love roast pork....she prepared a whole pork- with love and a momy do...may I mention..she's not a chef..
but a passioned hobby-chef :) I don't need to tell you how much work it is, but the crust and side dishes makes the composition perfect! And if I see or smell a roast pork it reminds me of good old times and it always makes me calling my mom. "Mom - I smell pork, can we make some next time -I'll help you, promise! So here's my really first "without-momy-prepared-roast-pork."
I think she would have tears in her eyes... bahahah..sorry for foolin around- but that's me. :)

So tell me what's your favorite recipe, 
do you have a story about it?

Have a nice day. Cheers Chris