Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valetine #2 Cakepops with creamy filling

Welcome to my second part of valentine #2

This time we love to show you cake pops filled with  a white creamy frosting

For the batter
125 g. butter
80 g sugar
2Tblsp. vanilla extract
2 eggs
250 g. flour
1 Teasp. backing soda
125 ml milk

40 g butter
150 g Crème fraîche
110 g Icing sugar
2 Teaspoons vanilla extract

Bake the cake and let cool.

Crumble the whole cake into a large bowl.

Microwave the frosting for about 20 seconds, making sure no foil is left on the package. Stir.
If the consistency is soft and smooth, pour about half of the container into the crumbled cake and mix.

Try to form a ping-pong sized ball. If the cake sticks together well without cracking, you can continue to make balls. If the cake cracks, add more frosting.

Place the formed balls on a cookie sheet and freeze for 20-30 minutes, until chilled throughout.

If you want...
Melt the candy coating . When smooth and melted, dip the cake ball. Continue with the remaining balls. enjoy!