Monday, February 25, 2013

Walnut Pistachio Cupakes(+video)

Bäm Pistachio!
It was my surprise box for a friend.
I think she was kinda happy :)
It's not an new invention- nut&nut?
I know Botanist would kill me that pistachio isn't a nut..but - nevermind and keep on. I think it's a delightful mix. I just say the glory words "yummmey pistachio."

When I remember I really hated pistachio- don't know why..maybe when I was a kid I hated that taste and wasn't able to realize how good it really is. Let me tell you my story. It started 2years ago. My friends and I went to an adventure to France- really nice place even for little kids :) I call it the cheaper Disney Land :)
Ok back to the Story. We decided to have an ice cream.

I think it was that time to say goodbye to old taking always chocolate or vanilla.
Try something new.... three guys were in front of me in the I got a lot of time to decide which sort I'll take- yahh- which sort will I take? Stracciatella? Chocolate-chip? oh no I had that already..gnaaahhh < and this discussion went on until I was next- I felt like OH NOOOO what shall I take? The dummy salesman wasn't able to recommend me something, maybe he was lazy or loves to watch people when they give their own Mind fuck games? Ok... I just screamed...cause I and my brain were pissed of that mindfuck ... "I take that sir".."what is that"?
He said "Pistachio"...-me "never heared of it let's try it."
When I got the ice cone in my hands I had a flashback.. that I hated the sort.. ou...light green of I don't know. Is it salty? Is fresh blended meadow? There was no other chance to try..because my friends were looking at me..ok here we go..something in my brain's not that's creamy and I getting old? Do I love now pralines filled with alcohol? > no way!
I think I fell in love with pistachio. <3

Do you know the best part of it? You're not able to buy this sort - everywhere -.- it's from Mövenpick ...gnahh! Ok that was my short crazy resumeé about pistachio.
Hope you liked it.

50gr coco powder
240ml hot water
175gr flour
1 tblsp baking soda
2 tblsp  vanilla extract
150gr butter
150gr sugar
1 egg

160gr icing sugar
150gr butter
50 gr  pistachio cream