Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rolled bacon eggs{low carb-appetizer}

The thing is if you do low carb you need to get creative, otherwise you'll eat the same dishes every day.
I got pretty soon fed up with eating salami stick between lunch and dinner and i really wanted to eat eggs..don't know why. But I stood in the kitchen and thought about what I could compare or upgrade or or or.. Bacon and eggs? They are usually seen on the breakfast table ... bahahahha but i don't really care. I think that's a nice appetizer which looks really great and tastes crunchy- let's call it crunchy delight - even there's another fact, if you prepare them you could take them to work and enjoy them there. We don't have a oven at work so I'll need to prepare my food for lunch, which is quiet ok, i love to cook ;) Do i need to explain you how it's made? There's no real recipe, just cook the eggs- peel it and roll the bacon around them and then fry it in a pan. You could adjust some mustard or mayo onto the egg, but I think if you fry it the mayo or mustard won't stick on the egg :)